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Jul 14, 2017

A special preview of Izzy, the new show from Rick Coste Productions.  Subscribe now at Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app.  Izzy will be released in its entirety on 725/2017. Learn more about the show and its wonderful cast at

Izzy takes place after the events depicted in the audio drama The Behemoth.

It's been fourteen years since anyone has last seen the 'behemoth' known as Max.  Now an adult, Izzy travels to the Solomon Islands to reconnect with her past.

Izzy stars Kelly McCabe and Lizbeth Liu with special guest star (and host of The Gralien Report) Micah Hanks.

Rick Coste is a writer and producer.  Past projects include The Behemoth, Bryar Lane, Scotch, Charlie's Mailbox, The Fiona Potts Interview , and Waterguns & Rainbows. Learn more at